Review Kodak EasyShare Z981

Looking for a new digital camera to improve your social networking capabilities? The Kodak EasyShare Z981 digital camera designed for the social networker. Many people used to carry around small pictures in their wallets to show people friends and family after physically developing the film into a photograph. The norm today is not to take a physical picture and share it, but to upload a digital image to your social media network for all to see. Taking and sharing photos has never been easier using the Kodak EasyShare camera.

Depending on how you like to take pictures, and what kind of angle you want for a specific shot, you may want to take vertical shots. On the Kodak EasyShare Z981 you can shoot horizontally or vertically easily as it has a vertical shutter release. There's also a removable vertical grip included with the camera to make it easier and more comfortable to take vertical shots. This is one of the user friendly features that many people like about this camera, although whether you make use of it or not depends on your own preferences. The choice of how you take your photos is up to you, thanks to the powerful zoom and wide angle lens which makes shots look good from any angle.

It is possible to take all of your images, and create slide shows out of them using the multimedia slide show feature on the Kodak EasyShare camera. You can actually make your slide shows directly on the camera without having to load them on your laptop or desktop computer. An added benefit of using this internal slide show feature is that you can include colorful transitions and sounds as well. Sharing your multimedia slide show is very simple - just transfer it to your computer and upload it to the Internet in just minutes. On top of the other high-tech features that are available on the Kodak EasyShare Z981, the multimedia slide show is definitely an innovative option.

A commonality that smart phones and digital cameras share is that most have software that allows for inter-connectivity between the device and your computer. Sharing photos with friends and family on your social media page is very simple when using the Kodak EasyShare software. Organizing your photos is very easy using custom tags on all of your pictures with this software. Using this software will enable you to adjust a variety of settings including lighting, contrast, and color balance. Utilizing FTP technology, the software can help you upload your photos to YouTube or Facebook. Basically, this software included with the Kodak EasyShare can help you share your images with the online community.

If sharing photos online is something you love to do, the Kodak EasyShare Z981 is perfect for avid social network enthusiasts. Slide shows, videos, and regular photos can be easily uploaded to the Internet after you have taken the pictures with your EasyShare camera. The Kodak EasyShare is a camera made with the convenience of the modern user, who likes to upload pictures to social networks, in mind.

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