6 Ways To Choose The Best Home Security Camera System

A home security camera system is almost a must today in many neighborhoods and while they cannot physically stop a home intrusion happening, their value comes from documenting the crime so police have strong evidence in the shape of video with which to identity and then apprehend criminals.

However, if you are sitting on the fence about installing security cameras on your property then this article will give you some strong tips regarding the choice and selection of your system.

Before You Buy Security Cameras

Too many homeowners jump in and purchase a system just because it's on special or has been recommended as excellent value. There's nothing wrong with this but bear in mind you can easily over-capitalize and spend more than you have to.

In other words, before you buy; before you even look at a home security camera systems you need to do some surveillance cameras of your property. That is, identify those areas of your home where a camera would best serve you.

There's not much point in putting a camera in a spot which is heavily trafficked all the time and viewable from most of your home and by neighbors as well. Here's a shortlist of surveillance procedures you can do before shopping for security cameras:

1. To a complete analysis of your property. Don't leave any area out and record it on a sheet of paper.

2. What you want to do is highlight those areas known as "blind spots."

3. "Blind spots" are areas and entrance points to your property where an intruder can enter without being detected especially at night.

4. Analyze the street lighting and natural lighting your home gets at night. Natural lighting is as it implies; moonlight and starlight. Then assess whether it's bright enough to light up the front of your property enough for an intruder to give it a miss.

5. If not, consider installing a strong nightlight, even a spotlight covering the front of your home and one with a sensor so as soon as someone breaks the sensor line it comes on. This can save you unnecessary camera expense.

6. Once you have your plan down on paper and have identified the suspect areas then get in touch with a home security camera system expert and talk about the best way of covering your property.

Another tip is if your budget is a little tight then concentrate on the critical areas firstly and when finances become available, complete the job at a later date.

After all, some coverage is better than none and installing security camera systems can be a project in progress. Discuss this with your expert so the system you select will easily accomodate additions at a later date.

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